Windows Workgroup has gone

I had to de-install CIS because for what ever reason it killed my Windows Workgroup. I have 4 computers in this group. First all windows XP computers (3) stopped seeing the other and a week ago the win7 computer stopped seeing the xp computer also. Every time after a CIS update.

After deleting CIS I got all computers back in the game.

Is there a way to not lose my Workgroup when using CIS, are there settings so I can use the WORKGROUP always or set it to see the other? I have looked for a week but did not get it to work again.

No one has an answer for this problem? :-[

I didn’t answer because I’m not sure of the problem. I’ll give it a shot though.

It’s possible that you need to define the network as trusted when you first install CIS. If someone else knows for sure please correct me.

Well maybe thats the answer but how do I do that in CIS. After first install there is no pop-up with a question if I want to make the WorkGroup trusted. Also after install I dont see a option in the settings of CIS that can make it trusted.

([i]Than is the question of first working perfectly and ending with suddenly no WorkGroup no more. What update is so killing that all stopped working.

I found that after updates settings were changed in CIS or back to defold witch is a scary thing. If updates can change my settings I call this almost scareware. Software that can change my safety settings can be dangerous.[/i])

Assuming the trick is to make the local network a trusted zone do the following.

You will need to define your local network as a trusted network by using the Stealth Ports Wizard.

First we need to do some groundwork by defining your local network. That is done under Firewall → Common Tasks → My Network Zones.

Usually you will find it defined by the automatic detection of new private networks. You will see a network defined with an IP address/mask like 192.168.1.x/ Select and Edit it and give it a proper name like My Home Network.

In case it is not there we will define it. Choose Add → A New Network Zone → enter the name: My Home Network → Apply.
Now select My Home Network → Add → A New Address → choose An IP Address Mask → fill in your local IP address in the first part (192.168.1.x; with x being a number) and in the second part.

Now open the Stealth Ports Wizard → select “Define a new trusted network - stealth my ports for everyone else” → Next → select “I would like to like to trust from a network zone previously defined” → from the drop down menu below choose My Home Network → Finish.

Now we are done. You can see the newly added rules under Firewall → Advanced → Network Security Policy → Global Rules.

This reads complicated and questions pop-up in my head why it worked and now I have to do this difficult stuff.

I will try this and I hope I understand it all.

thanks for your help.