Windows won't restart or shutdown

I’m having an issue with Windows 7 and Comodo Firewall. The firewall is preventing Windows shutdown or restart. If I disable Comodo in msconfig, Windows shuts-down/restarts properly. With Comodo running, I have to do a hard shutdown. Anyone experiencing this problem? I need a fix. ???

Are you running HIPS as Paranoid? It is the only time I have experienced this.

No. I have HIPS running in Safe mode snd my firewall is in safe mode.

Please post a screenshot of your firewall and hips settings

Not sure how to do that in this forum. I put in two attachments…

[attachment deleted by admin]

As always make sure there are no leftovers of security programs you had installed in the past. A possible left over can cause all sort of “strange effects”. Please run clean up tools for all security programs you had in the past. A list can be found here at the Eset website: ESET Knowledgebase .