Windows Vista's firewall

I currently use Comodo’s firewall wth Windows XP but was curious about Windows Vista. Vista’s firewall now offers both inbound and outbound protection. On top of that I have a DSL modem with a built in router. On top of that I have a router which has a hardware firewall. How safe is this set up? I know it will be low in using resources. Just curious.

As long as it’s configured right, It’s very safe.


Out of the box, Windows Vista’s firewall is set to allow all outbound connections, so it isn’t very safe. You can configure it as you wish, but that would take time, it would be more simple to install Comodo when it is Vista compatible.

If you haven’t changed the default password on your home router, let this recent threat serve as a reminder.

Indeed, it is easy for any user to gain access to your router as long as they know the brand (which is not hard to figure out).

I highly recommend you change the default password to avoid issues in the future.

Hey guys thanks for the info.