Windows Vista WEI Scores

I didn’t find a post like this (maybe wasn’t looking hard enough) But look at my custom-Made Machine.

POST your scores here.

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Current display (until I upgrade to an nVidia GTX280 ccs video card)
What are you showing off?

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I tricked you! HAHA, now, i changed my posts name, or your posts will be the showoff one! Change it ASAP, sorry for the scare, now the post will be normal.

Er… heh ? ???


Let me simplify my post for you, Ok, I changed the posts name back to normal, but your post aren’t, so new people coming will view only your posts as show-offs =D

I deleted the “Showoff” part. 88)

Oh ok

+1 :slight_smile:


What update ar you running? 5.9 is the highest index score Vista Performance gives. How did you get a 9.9 ?

I think we may have both “cheated”. ;D

I don’t use Vista, but for fun, I could install it in VirtualBox and see what I get. :wink:

Thanks, Ragwing.
Remember, boys, honesty is the best policy.

Yes, but most people could probably tell it was fake because it should only go up to 5.9.

My real one is something like “3.4” or so. :-\

My real score is 5.1. My ram is the lowest :-X


Thank you both for your replies. They were refreshing to read.
+1 to both.

Here’s mine (not fake): 5.7

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What are you using for drives? Mine are WD SataII’s
great score, Kail.


CPU: E7200 (the weak point)
Mobo: Gigabyte UP45-UD3R
Mem: Corsair XMS2 Twin2X2048-6400C4 (4x1GB)
Graphics: BFG 9800GTX+
HDD: Samsung F1 HD753LJ (750GB, 7200rpm, SATA-II)

Wow…great! My real one just increased to 4.4! (Last time it used to my 3.2; time before that 3.5 ???)

I’m not a gamer or someone who needs big specs, so I don’t really care.

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