Windows Vista takes a really long time to boot after installing cfp 3

Hi everyone,

I’ve been setting up a new computer running Windows Vista 64 bit Ultimate with SP1 and wanted to install Comodo as its firewall. First I just installed it, but noticed it giving me blue screens or reboot times of about 15 mins when I rebooted.
To make sure it worked I eventually did the following things:

  • Uninstalled Comodo, but noticed it didn’t completely uninstall (Security Center still showed it as an active firewall)
  • Used system recovery to a point before ever touching CFP
  • Disabled Windows Firewall
  • Disabled UAC
  • Made sure my system was clean
  • Installed CFP
  • Rebooted right after the install

But still the long boot times…
Now i know it is conflicting with something because it works after the long boot times, but sometimes my taskbar completely freezes or the computer gets really slow (and trust me, it isn’t :P). After a reboot it always takes ages to load vista. I’ve also tried disabling IEC to no effect.
Oh and I googled and searched about everything (including this forum) and haven’t found a solution yet.

So if anyone has any ideas/solutions please help.

(for future reference the installed version was 64 bit Vista/XP)

Try downloading a copy of process explorer. When you run it, there is a column you can display that shows the load time of each process. Click on the top of the column to sort the entries that way. You should be able to see where the long delays in the loading time occur.

Thanks for the swift reply,

I’ve tried using procexp64.exe as you suggested but I can’t run it on boot and when the desktop crashes everything crashes with it :S. But i managed to find out that when i permanently deactivatie Defense+ under Defense+ settings everything works like a charm. So I reactivated and disabled all the other options under Defense+ one at a time. When I was done, so I practically gave Defense+ nothing to do, the long boot times were still there. So the mere fact of Defense+ being active with nothing to do causes the long boot times. I don’t know if this helps anything at all but at least the firewall works.


I want to confirm described problem :frowning:

System: Vista Bussines 64-bit (Polish), Windows Defender active, Windows Firewall active, NOD32 3.0. System booy to login screen about 1 minute, system desktop after login aboute 10 seconds and system logout and close about 1 minute.

After installing Comodo Firewall 3.0.21 64-bit, NOD32 still active, status of Windows Firewall and Windows Defender was not checked, I expected that they are disabled by Comodo if needed. And the times: boot about 2 minutes, login about 10 minutes, logout and close about 10 minutes. E8200 @ 3.2G + 8G RAM on X38, so system at work was usable but slower thanwithout comodo. I’ve deinstalled CFP and now is ok…

Marcin K.

I have also the very same problems. I installed Comodo CFP on an almost clean and fully updated (including SP1) Vista64 Business UK edition. It’s an Asus P5E, 4 gb RAM, Intel E8500 and ATI 3870 graphics.

The booting to the password screen is almsot normal, then logging is takes about 10 minutes (there is a lot of harddisk accessing going on during that time). The desktop works normal and I could work with it and when I tried to reboot it took well over 3 minutes before there was a message some tasks were still running, including the Taskmanager. Basicly Windows was trying to close the apps in the dock on the right side. It then asked me what to do with these still open apps. After 1 minute it went to the logging off screen.

Second boot was the same so my only option is to deinstall it and use the Windows Firewall again ):

I have the same slow boot times with VistaSP1 and Commodo D+. I also have the latest Process Explorer.

I cannot find the load time column you are referring too. Where is it?

Many thanks,


Click View
Click Select Columns…
Click Process Performance Tab
Check Start Time


Process Monitor from Sysinternals is a great troubleshooting tool:


Exact same problem here. Latest version of CPF 3 with D+, vista sp1 takes like 15 min to log in and 15 min to shut down. Random system freeze.
When I remove CPF, everything runs smooth.
I tried disabling UAC, Windows defender,… nothing helps…

I was running CPF 3 without any problems a few weeks ago, when it suddenly started doing this. Must be a comodo update issue, since I didn’t change anything to my system (not even a windows update).

Could you comodo devs please have a look at this problem ? thank you !

I’m wondering if this problem is specific to Vista 64-bit. Is there anybody out there with this problem on any flavor of 32-bit Vista?

I have also the very same problems. !!! welcome screen takes forever to go… and shutdown too…

uninstall CPF3 and everything is right

Someone has already achieved a solution?


Is there anything in the Defence+ logs of a process trying to access the memory of CPF3 this did cause problems for me slow boot times until I added the process to the allow list.

Obviously it’s not, I have Vsta Home Premium x64 with Comodo, Windows Defender, and Avira Premium and have none of the symptoms described here.

On the other hand, as I noted in another thread here, I have Windows XP SP2 and have the same problem. It was suggested to put both Firewall and Defense+ into training mode and reboot. The long (30-second) welcome screen went away, but the few apps I have starting at bootup are still taking inordinately long to launch, over an entire minute or two, much longer than they did before Comodo was installed.

I’m open to suggestions.


Hy all

I’m having the same problem on a MS Vista Home Premium 32bit machine. I read in an (old) post, that this could be a Comodo - AVAST Antivirus thing.
“One warning for users of Windows Vista and Avast! anti-virus, there seems to be a conflict between Avast! and Comodo, leading to long start-up times in Windows Vista. Updating to the newest version of Avast! before installing Comodo can help this problem, but it is still unresolved. Fear not - the program has only been in final release for a day - we’re confident the conflict will be resolved quickly, but until then, you might want to wait on Comodo Pro Firewall 3. For everyone else, if you are still using the Windows Firewall (or worse, no firewall at all), we recommend giving Comodo a try.”

The post can be read here:

As I have AVAST installed on my comp’ this could well be the problem. I’ll disable AVAST on startup and see if this gets better.


I have no problem here, (VistaSP1 Ultimate x32, CFP 3.0.25, Avast 4.8.1229) full blown firewall and defence+ .
Have a look at vista’s new event viewer:

Application and Services logs, Microsoft, Windows, Diagnostics Performance, Operational.

This will show you what drivers cause slowdown degradation.

32 bit Vista here and long start up and shut down times and, anything up to 10 minutes.

Also using update Avast.


could you take a look a the eventlog as i posted before, maybe we can find some hints in it.

Hi Ronny

I can’t find an event viewer on my PC, Running Vista Premium

Have a look at vista's new event viewer:

Application and Services logs, Microsoft, Windows, Diagnostics Performance, Operational.

This will show you what drivers cause slowdown degradation.

You can find the event viewer under [Start][Administrative Tools] from there on try to find it.