Windows Vista [Resolved]

I have 3 laptops, and have installed comodo on 2, I love both AV and the firewall, so would like to install on my Vista system :BNC

Would you be able to give me an idea when the products will be avaliable for Vista users.

Thank you (CLY)


There is no set data for Version 3 of CAVS which will have Vista support and other improvements. It is estimated that a beta release will come in next few weeks / months. The final, stable release should be sometime in early 2008.

Version 3 of the firewall should be about mid-october, but again there is no set date.

Dates are subject to change.


Thank you for your reply.

I will try and be patient … :THNK and wait. Your product is fabulous!!!

You’re welcome. I’ll mark your post resolved. If you would like it reopening please contact me or another moderator.