Windows Vista Migration [Community Poll]


Thought it would be nice to have something called “Community Polls”. Where everyone in the community may vote. This poll will stop accepting votes on Saturday night of next week (the 12th) or maybe even Sunday for some of you. Please submit your vote above to this weeks question. Also please tell us what you think of community polls, what you (the users) think of these polls will decide if they stay, or go. These polls are not limited to a certain topic, they are completely open to any question. Also if you have a poll question you may want to appear in the next community poll then please submit it to me with all of the details!

I’ve already signed up for the Beta program and I’ll be including it in all gaming rigs I sell over the internet when it get released.

I really haven’t even had too many problems with the beta yet.

And BTW Chronicles of Riddick:EFBB really runs fantactic with the Nvidia beta drivers for Vista. :wink:


I think I’ll go with 2 years. Just in case of any slight major initial problems, but I’ll definatley have a backup image in case.


Here goes my take and sure to be hammered like a rail road spike. :’(
Ok, I look at Vista as being the Win ME of NTFS. Not only is it actually older than XP, it’s been re-written so much , almost scrapped twice and now is being recycled. It’s had more code names than James Bond, and I don’t think it’s THAT rich of a system to ask of so much resources. Yes, some will say, but it runs fine, true, but let’s not forget that MS stripped many of the expected goodies and extras from this OS. Once all is put back into it, updates, and probably Vista sp1,2 etc…it will be quite the system hog. I had used Vista before the beta came out to public due to our local college having one prior. I didn’t like it then, and I don’t like it now nor will I like it in the future, I do not like green eggs and ham, I …sorry wandered off for a second. My point is, I see not a dimm future for MS but to all the poor suckers who buy Vista when it’s done. It MAY be like the Win ME rage and then there will be dissapointments.
How many thought ME was an actual OS? lol (kidding in a way) ::slight_smile:
Yes those who service or will be servicing computers, like me , ug, will have no choice but to keep on studying this Vista Phenom. The evil MS empire , Vista force and Darth Gateser will once again triumph perhaps leaving Mac skywalker quaking or Princess Linux trembling or join forces with Kubuntu the wookie, Hans knoppix , and Obie won Ubuntu. Or maybe Sp-1 -2-D -2, will become a traitor. :-\ Yes, I do need to get to bed now. Good night all.



I may end up getting the upgrade, Microsoft seems confident but we will see what happens upon release.


I would not see myself migrating to Vista anytime in the foreseeable future. It has been a tradition of Microsoft to release OSes filled with security holes where the job of patching up those holes are left to other security firms (such as Comodo). I think I will only be using Vista when I purchase a new system. Futhermore, XP works very well. I personally don’t see the reason for change for the general users.

Yours truly,

I agree with you DoomScythe, but eventually people will be forced to leave Windows XP behind and go to a newer OS such as Vista, although most likely nobody here cares, the next version of Norton Products, including Norton Antivirus 2007, Norton Internet Security 2007, and Norton 360 will all drop support for the Microsoft Windows 2000 operating System, currently the beta products only support Windows XP, that tells me that they most likely won’t make the new versions available to the Win 2000 users, of course for those upgrading to Windows Vista, I am sure the Norton 2007 products will be available for Windows Vista by the time of final release. I am sure nobody cares about that info but that is some info for our Norton users who only use the CPF or other Comodo products.

Erm, the way I look at it is that Microsoft will not be able to force users out of XP so easily as they had put so much effort to make XP the ‘must have’ OS in 2002. Considering that XP and Vista share the same foundation (NT based), phasing out XP would be a tough job. Unlike the recent drop of support for Win ME which is pretty easy considering it is run on MS Dos, asking users to drop XP would be a big challenge for Microsoft.

Once again Microsoft is facing its own product as its main enemy. I remember this happening with the inrtoduction of MS Office 2003. To me, there is no noticable difference in Office 2000 and Office 2003, so why bother to change.

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Although that is true what about Windows 2000, that was NT based, and they are phasing that out effectively.

Really? I did not know about that. Time for me to do some reading. Hehe. ;D

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They have just started on phasing out Windows 2000, but are doing it very well. The office 2007 Beta will not work on it. IE7 Beta 3 will not work on it, and the new Norton 2007 product beta’s do not work on it. So Microsoft did something so they could phase it out easily. It really is only a matter of time before it is gone and completely un supported, however because the Windows 2000 product line was a business product Microsoft must still support and release updates for this product for a few more years (I believe it is until 2010). But because of Windows Vista release being delayed and it not being released it is not possible to currently figure out the exact dates of Windows XP Home Edition and Professional Edition end support dates.

I agree. I don’ t think XP is done with. I feel XP has a lot of years left to it and so far has been the most stable, to me, OS microflop has come out with. If I can, I will hold on until another OS is made past Vista “if at all possible”. Some still use 2000, some are still using 98 or ME . While I won’t resort to 98 or ME , I do hope to stay with XP as long as possible. Ms will undoubtably try to use marketing tactics to force people away. In my opinion MS is more into Marketing than building a truly good OS, and my view won’t change on that any time soon. Given the history of Vista, I just forsee many problems.



I must say I like how some of the users have taken advantage of the Community polls (in a good way :D). What do you think of the cummunity polls? Good idea? Bad idea?

They are great as long as you can discuss what you are voting on! ;D
Here justin…



Actually, I think many people will cling to XP just like they did with Win98. But we mustn’t forget that ALL the new hardware will be fully utilized under Vista.
The change will be inevitable, but not immediate. Kinda like what happened between Win98 and XP…

I actually like Win XP. It’s the best OS M$ has ever made.
But there is no way on earth I’d even compare it in any which way to my favorite OS of all time… which happens to be IBM OS/2.

M$ is just spreading around the bells and whistles that made Mac OS X interesting.
And it has a good selling point (DirectX 10).
I have the Vista beta 5456 installed and I actually think it will turn out to be quite a bit more stable than XP.

And before anybody argues, don’t forget what XP was like as an RTM product. It was practically a problem.
Vista will probably evolve in the same way XP did but with the lessons learned from XP.

I’ve pretty much always been an early adopter so Vista for me will be an immediate install, but of course not everyone is one… and that’s ok.

You can call me a superhero for having the courage to try new things and squashing bugs for the masses… hehe :stuck_out_tongue:
BTW, I’ve already filed about 200 bug reports with M$ regarding Vista.


Will Direct X 10 be available for Windows XP?

So far the engine won’t support XP. As a matter of fact the SDK (or whatever they call it) will not even be backwards compatable with prior DX versions. The WGF will be based soley on DX and will be dropped. At least that’s my understanding.


So then anyone who is really into gaming would have to upgrade to Vista to play the newer games.

That depends, for one, many say DX X won’t make that much difference and the overhead is going to see the same troubles as the prior versions. What I get from it is this, the engine may work a bit differently but overall it’s going to highly depend what you do with it. It also depends if newer games support only DX X. What was I saying about “marketing?” Great example. While I think any company has a right to put out a new product, using marketing schemes to force people into a product is just , well, wrong in my opinion. Any way, as I said, it will depend which games support older DX, perhaps some will be made for Vista, DX X while some will support XP and DX older versions. What I think we will see will be games that work for both but to get the FULL effects or better play, you will have to resort to DX X. I don’t think gaming companies will fall into the “now you have to upgrade” catagory right away as they will lose business by cutting off DX lower versions right off. I feel it will take a couple of years to completely phase it out. But it will indeed happen.


Edward, you’re showing both your age and your wisdom, there! :wink:

OS/2 Warp was the neatest, tightest, most object oriented OS I ever came across - so many brilliant ideas all wrapped up in the one thing. I loved the way you could bind a single application to a single protocol to a single interface and it all worked. If only it achieved greater market acceptance. Unfortunately it’s doomed to niche markets that require an operating system that works and doesn’t fall over with the regularity of our grandmother sniffing sherry. :smiley:

Does XP stand for Xceptionally Prone? :smiley:

Ewen :slight_smile: