Windows Vista less secure than Windows 2000

Read this article, and the guys who claim that are from PC Tools!

Lol. It even said that Windows Xp users are screwed. But with CIS, I am just only spreading the Lol-like news. So Don’t criticize me (:AGY)
With CIS, you are safe from most of the threat. This is just some random article for those who uses CIS, hehe. (:LGH)

i use windows millenium, it’s way secure than FreeBSD, i know that for sure, i had the info on some facebook group hackers that found the way to login into vista login screen by clicking the icon user then they had access to the desktop, clicking on the icon user man ! how they found that ?? those people are leet, and if they say win millenium is more secure than FreeBSD, they certainly right.
w2k is the OS that scored 0/340 with comodo leaktests tool ?
anyway, 0/340 is perfect score, for me the info on w2k has changed my mind, i’m actually reinstalling w2k on all my machines, go away lamers ! i’m back ! and this time i have w2k, ah ah ! i’m the king of the world !!!
oh i see w2k is sp4 ? well, i’ll keep using with no sp installed, will be safer that way,
w2k got this firewall MS hide for years to users, it’s based on plug in plug out ethernet when u see something wrong, so imagine how u can control network ! u can disconnect in notime, for the moment, all security teams are trying to copy it but all failed. the concept is too complicated, would need hundred of security coders experts working 24/24 to get just the beginning of this incredible concept, but it’s real and alive, and it works.
ok all my machines are updated with w2k, thanks to anyone that made it possible.

W2K without SP4 more secure than without?
I just hope that your post is not meant serious.

And I love MS-DOS. 88)