Windows Vista Firewall still hasn't got it right

The subject says it all…


Would you have expected things differently?

Windows Vista is just crap, Id avoid it all together. So its a DRM lovers paradise and has a crappy firewall?

So what will it take to get Comodo Firewall working on Vista – as a replacement to the craptacular Windows FW?? :o

hello kaspersky internet security is good for vista oOo so i like comdoo firewall +kaspersky antivirus,6258.0.html

It is my opinion that any AV or anti-spyware program should treat
Vista as a spyware-trojan and delete it on detection .
They make a total piece of crap firewall on purpose :
So you can’t block all their spyware from phoning home every time you
play a video, make a search, open IEexploder and God knows what else .
If you don’t believe me, just try adding WMP11 to the banned apps list and see what your
logs tell you . Doesn’t even matter if you disable all “update” and “codec DL” functions .
Oh I forgot : You can’t, coss your using Vista , " so secure it doesn’t need AV " … or a real firewall .

The scariest part is that, even if you specifically the leaktests to the Block list, it still manages to fail them. (:LGH)

I am not sure how many of you here have used Vista RTM on a daily basis, but I have installed Business versions on my laptop and desktop from MSDN. Both systems run and feel faster than my former XP. Overall, I am pleased with the performance. I haven’t run into any of those DRM crap that some talk about since, well, I don’t use DRM media. Maybe it’ll one day bite me in the rear, but we’ll see then. What’s up with these “phoning home” stuff? Does checking for updates constitue phoning home? Seems to me this practice is pretty popular with all programs. The phrase “so secure it doesn’t need AV” is taken out of context. I can never be sure what an Internet program is sending while connected to the Internet. This applies to all programs whether well-known or obscure. I think iTunes is sending out my playlist to Apple…

And finally, the Windows Firewall is a joke period. At least now we’re blessed with the superior CF.

Gonna install Vista on my Work-Laptop and give it a spin… just for the fun of it. Then install a 3rd party firewall, hopefully the CFP v3.0b when it becomes available.
Get crackin’ Comodo ;D

Hmmm, your shaking hands with the devil my friend.

Yes. I know. Got tired of being the quiet, mundane type 8)