Windows Vista Business + IE 7 + Comodo Instant SSL = Big Problem


Since last week I have the following nasty problem while posting data on a page, which is secured by Comodo Instant SSL. Browsing is fine, but I get the error once I click a button, that is posting data. This error even comes up, while browsing some pages at

I am using Windows Vista Business + IE 7 + Comodo Instant SSL.

My system has all the lastest updates.

See the screen shot:

It wouldn’t give me any other option. Note I have absolutely no problem browsing pages, which are secured by the more expensive Comodo products or other vendors SSL certificates.

What is going on?
BTW- There is no problem at all, while using Firefox. Please help me, or I have to switch the vendor.



can we have the URL pls.
couldn’t read it off the screenshot.

go to
use xyz123 for username and password.
(or what ever you like)

Then you will get the error, if you are using Windows Vista Business and Internet Explorer 7 with the latest paches installed (otherwise NOT!)

Let me know, what you think.

I used the login details however an error occurred using the username and password; invalid username and password.

We are not able reproduce the issue that you are having. If possible; could you do the same test with the Firefox browser. Also send us a login which we can use for testing.

It seems that when logging into the web site it could be redirect to different domain or your machine doesn’t have internet connection to the CRL.

I could suggest to send us some screen shots of the SSL cert , certificate path and subject details of the SSL cert via click on submit a ticket so we can further investigate the issue.