Windows Vista auto Backup fails


I have a nasty little problem :wink:

Since I installed CIS, auto Backups wont work with the Vista Backup Manager.
Im getting the error 0x80070005 “access denied”.

Any Ideas what I could do?

what files are you trying to backup and where.

Check your Defense+ logs.

I dont think its the Defence Plus:

The Anti-Virus Log, looks suspicious (Shadowcopy):

The Backup goes to an extern HDD (USB) with the standard stuff: Pictures, Music, Videos, E-Mails and Documents.

seems like I need to go back to avast!
anyway, thanks for trying :wink:

I know the problem, you are trying to backup files from quarantine of cis?? You don’t have to back up the programs on your system just your files. What is happening is that CIS is stopping windows back up from accessing those files. Pretty simple fix, exclude the comodo folders from windows backup and your problem should be fixed.

Thank you so much for your reply!
I never had the choice for the BackUp, thats the problem! As I said I just chose to BackUp Pictures, Music, Videos, E-Mails and Documents. I could never say to Vista to BackUp Programs or not…

what should I do? ???

there should be a place to put an exclusion.

look here Redirecting