Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008

What’s the real difference between them ? 88) I mean - I heard that Server 2008 is faster than Vista. But can U play games on Server 2008 or launch apps like on Vista ? ;D I’m reading about it - but it’s not clear to me ;D

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One was released in 2008.

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If it works like XP and 2K3, then it’s basically the same OS, but more services and hardened security. Multimedia features are removed or disabled. On 2K3 at least, you can replace them and use as a desktop OS.

I don’t think Commodus would want it then (:LGH)

Yeah Soya you are right - I woudn’t want it then, but I know vLite works with Server 2008 :slight_smile: So you can delete the unnessesary services and other ■■■■ ;D

The main question is - can I have all the work done on Server like on Xp or Vista ? ;D

Better security is always good (64 bit OS too :D)

Go for the 64-bit version of Enterprise, and you can have 2 TB RAM. Maybe add 8 3.0 GHz CPU’s too?
With the specifications above, I think you should be able to use Norton without any decrease in performance.

Prices for Windows Sever 2008 Editions:

If you go for 64 bit OS you can have not 2 terabytes, but exsabytes of RAM ;D
And I would still not use Norton ;D

The prices sure are steep :o :-TD (Maybe not for huge companies ;D)

But you can evaluate it for 240 days :-TU

P.S. I’m downloading it straight from Micro$oft right now. The ISO file sure is smaller than in Vista. Gonna vLite it and test it ;D See U later :smiley:

Windows Server 2008 performs better, even with the Aero features enabled, than Vista ever did on the same hardware. To me, this a bit strange, even if a lot of services are still disabled, as the codebase is pretty much the same as Vista. For all I know, Vista might perform better now that Service Pack 1 has been released, but I don't anticipate changing back any time soon.
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Initially I installed the 64-Bit version but gave up on it because of Microsofts hard headed implementation of 64-Bit driver signing enforcement. This makes it impractical to run the 64-Bit version as some of my system devices driver software and other software programs do not have digital signatures available. I strongly dislike that Microsoft make it more difficult for 64-Bit to be adopted.

The reason why windows server 2008 performed better than vista on the same hardware is because server 2008 had service pack 1 inbedded in the code base! vista service pack 1 and windows server 2008 sp1 are not equal, because Microsoft has modified the kernel of vista so it would be the foundation for server 2008. So windows server 2008 is an evolution of the win vista kernel, like windows 7 will be an evolution of the server 2008 kernel!

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O.K. ;D So I’m typing this from Safari and I’m test running Server 2008 :smiley: And this is what Windows should be :slight_smile: You don’t have to search what to disable, but you just enable the features you want ! ;D Great !

Testing…Be back with some better review :slight_smile:

I like it more than Vista ! It’s unobtrusive. Windows Server really considers you as an Administrator. :slight_smile: It’s as fast as my vLited Vista and I didn’t even vLited this one :smiley:

So have you made a decision yet?

The decision is simple - I have to keep my Vista. :slight_smile: Why ?
Because vLite can’t work correctly with Server 2008 :frowning: and you have no choice of free antivirus software. You have to buy an expensive enterprise version of some kind :frowning:

But I liked Windows Server 2008 and I want to have those features on Windows Vista or Windows 7.
I like that you don’t have to answer any stupid questions, the system doesn’t consider you a moron. And you have a modular system where you turn features ON and not searching for ways to turn something OFF or delete it all together ;D
And it sure is faster than Vista :slight_smile: (The installation was faster too and with no questions asked) :slight_smile:

Are you sure this is Microsoft’s product?

Yeah, I was speechless too ! ;D I was like - :o :o :o
Well if Microsofts Server is good, we have to consider that Symantecs Enterprise can also be good :o

good good or good bad as in good at killing your system by slowing it down to a crawl?

Actually Windows Server runs less services than Vista. :slight_smile: Well the RAM consuption was a little higher with Aero enabled and with ALL default services running than on my vLited Vista, but I’m sure if you could vLite Server 08 and delete/disable some or most of the unnecessary services ( to use as a the Workstation ) - the resourse usage would be a lot lower :slight_smile:

Can’t wait until Server 2008 comes out on DreamSpark so I can get a license of this baby ;D

Currently they only have Server 2003 available :frowning: