Windows Vista and v3

On the last two days, I think, both times after awaking my PC from Hibernation, I have found that I am not able to open any applications, as each time I try to open something, it says I do not have sufficient privileges, even though I am the only user of my PC and have admin rights. Initially, it will not even allow me to run programs as administrator. However, once I manage to restart - again, I am not able to do this directly, but have to first select “switch user” after ctrl-alt-delete - lots of my applications appear to fail to load up, but I am able to run system restore as administrator, and the problem goes away. On both times this has happened, I have noticed that the pending files folder has become huge - about 17000 files last time, and most of them look like Microsoft windows files. So I am not sure whether this is some problem due to Malware or a virus, or whether it is to do with some issue between Vista and the firewall.
Any help with this would be appreciated.

Which v3.x are you using? Under “Summary” does CFP3 say everything is OK? Firewall works fine with Vista, and with SP1-lots of successful users. Are you actually using “sleep”? But run a virus scan (not with the CFP3 scanner) and take a look at the firewall and D+ logs to see if they show anything. Do you have UAC on? And running CFP3 as an administrator?

It is the latest version, it is uninstalled at the moment, on the setup file it says CFP_Setup_3.0.22.349_XP_Vista_x32, UAC was running, so that I wondered if that might be the cause, but is that the sort of thing that having UAC running at the same time causes?
I am also running a number of malware scans currently, to see if anything is found there.