Windows Vista 64 Startup Items

On Win Vista 64 - msconfig - startup - I have removed all the checks that I found not necessary except 3 items. Plzz help me on these 3 items.

  1. Windows Operating System - sidebar.exe - I guess this can be safely unchecked??

  2. Windows Operating System - ehtray.exe - I guess related to some digital media & can be safely unchecked??

  3. Windows Operating System - This entry is too long. Can anyone check on their Win Vista 64 what this entry is & can be safely unchecked or not??

These 3 entries I am confused with & scared if unchecking these entries will make the system unbootable. Can unchecking any entries in startup can make the system unbootable???


yes you can disable sidebar and ehtray executables…the other i don’t know b/c i am not on vista right now but you could put like the first three characters of the process.

Are you sure these 2 can be safely unchecked??

3rd one I will mention later coz actually the system is not mine, its my bro’s who is an average user & stays far away from here. I tweak his system remotely. So the next time I will connect remotely I will mention the 3rd entry. Right now I dont remember the entry. Thanxx for the help & info.


A google search will reveal that those 2 should be safe to disable. :wink:

Hi Guys,


Irrespectively, to the programs in question – please never use Msconfig for what you are doing
You can get your system in big troubles

MsConfig is strictly Diagnostic Tool. It is not intended to be used for managing startups by any means.

Use dedicated startup manager like Autoruns from Sysinternals

If the Software has related services use and Administrative Tools > Services in order to disable them or change their startup option

If you want to increase system performance follow advices given here Choose respective configuration/ platform (see bottom of the page)

My regards