Windows vista 64 random freeze

Hello Comodo people!

First i wanna say thanks for a great software becuse exept for this problem, it serves me great.

The problem is that sometimes my windows freezes, and it seems to do so randomly.
altho it has mostly done so when ive been running the Vlc player, but thats marked as a trusted application in my comodo firewall.

I also just installed windows so there is not much else in here exept comodo.

Can you take a look with Task Manager to see what program starts eating CPU cycles like crazy?

Well there is no time becuse it just freezes up my pc so i have to reboot.

Are you willing to try to run Task Manager on top so you can check what process starts eating all the cycles?

Another thing to try is to disable D+ and see if that plays a role. Go to Defense + → Advanced → Defense + Settings --? now tick “Deactivate Defense+ permanently (Requires a system restart)” and reboot. Does the same thing happen?

Sup Eric!

I cant see what proces is doing what cus everything freezes right away.
Tried to find defence+ but i dont know where it is, i got it in swedish so maybe its called something else

It should be the 3rd button on the top of the GUI, then the Advanced button on the left bar (2nd button) and then Defense+ Settings, screen looks like this one here:

The bottom check box disables D+ Permanent… and does require a restart.
please don’t forget to put it back after testing :wink:

What’s the exact version you are running? and by Freeze you mean nothing works, not even the mouse cursor? If you wait for 10 / 15 minutes does it return to normal?

Its version 3.14.130099.587
Yes nothing works, not even the cursor.

Ill have to try this tonight or tomorrow.
Thanks for the help guys, Realy apriciate a goodsupport forum, its its rare theese days… especially since its a free prog =)