Windows Virus Protection Icon stays on

Today I deleted AVG8 after many problems with email scanner & downloaded Comodo Firewall Pro.
Since then I have a CONSTANT Red Shield with Windows adising me I have no Anti Virus Protection.
Does Comodo Firewall Pro not give me this protection??
Any advice for this Novice, please.


CFP 3 does provide virus protection and all but not detection based like Traditional Anti-Virus (Which Require signatures). CFP 3 uses Prevention (HIPS- Defense+) to PREVENT Malware (Viruses, etc). It does have a built in AV Scanner but that’s only on demand.

Download Avast! 4.8 Home Edition


CFP 3 is a firewall. The difference between Firewalls and AntiViruses is that Firewalls monitor everything going on between your computer and the internet while AntiViruses specifically monitor program files, folders, and sites to make sure they’re not infected and/or will infect your computer. A firewall can be considered the first line of defense-a great wall-and the antivirus the doctor that keeps your system clean. Windows always lets you know when you’re not protected by either of these, which is a good thing!

^I think that’s an accurate basic explanation, but I’m not so sure. If it’s wrong then someone can feel free to correct me ^^’

Posted by: billy275 Any advice for this Novice, please.

It’s good to have an antivirus, a firewall, and antispyware programs. I like free, so everything I mention is something you can download at no cost. Avast! 4.8 Home Edition is a good free AV (I use it) and Comodo is a great firewall as you know (sometimes tricky, but great). But what is this ‘spyware’ you need an “anti” for? Basically they’re programs made by companies to spy on you to see what you like and what you do. Some spyware makes pop ups appear out of nowhere while others annoy you in other ways. They’re just an invasion of privacy in every way that you don’t want >.<

For antispyware programs to save the day I like Lavasoft’s Ad-Aware (free edition) because it detects tracking cookies. Tracking cookies are cookies that are installed deep inside your computer (such as the registry) that aren’t removed like normal cookies. Instead they stay there and continue to send information back. Ad-Aware removes them effectively! 1 antispyware doesn’t catch everything out there though.

I use Spybot S&D, Ad-Aware, and SUPERAntiSpyware free edition. It might be overkill or might not be, but I feel safe just having them on for whenever I want to scan. NOT for their real time protection though! Only the base program. No add ons or anything. Those are annoying ^^

I also am test-running BOClean from Comodo (the more experienced users here would recommend it of course, but you can only really learn from experience!) and it appears to be a nice real time detection program. It hasn’t bugged me yet and loads up faster than the firewall (avast>boclean>firewall start up in that order). It takes 20 MB of RAM if you have the space, but I think my PC would be safe without it too. It’s just real time protection (meaning if something tries to jump on your computer the program will stop it, handcuff it, and send it away!) that can be helpful. Just checking mail and playing games won’t put you at risk much. It’s just those evil advertisements on sites that carry them sometimes.

Ah, and 1 last thing. If you use Firefox you’ll be much safer than if you use Internet Explorer. It’s just a better browser in every way. Faster, more secure, and much more customizable. It even sounds better O0

And that ends what is the shallow puddle of my knowledge. Hope this all helps. I know I can be confusing at times, but I only mean good! :a0

If you know all of this and meant something else by your statement I quoted then my bad. I just took ‘novice’ as computer newbie since you didn’t know what an antivirus was and thought you should know how to protect your computer :smiley:

To Billy275,

The advice you received is all basically correct. Comodo3 is a firewall and an active antivirus is also highly recommended.

And like Firewalls, active anti viruses come in both freeware and paid versions. While AVG used to be a descent freeware AV, that, IMHO, is in the past tense. And IMHO, the best full featured freeware AV is now avast 4.8 previously mentioned. If you can live without email prescanning, Avira antivirus personal is another very good freeware
AV option. In terms of paid AV’s, Kaspersky, NOD32, and Avira paid are all good options IMHO.

AV are also a hotly debated subject, if nothing else you can find more information on other section of the these comodo forums. And not yet available but soon, Comodo wants to offer its own AV called CAVS3.