Windows Updates

Hi There.
I was pleased to find CFW, but then I could not update with Microsoft Updates until I disabled it. I asked on the forum and did everything that was suggested but to no avail. I uninstalled it but I’m still unable to use Microsoft Updates. I even tried re-installing it but it keeps asking me if I want to un-install it. I could do with some help here folks, with jargon free explanations as someone on another post has mentioned. I do want to use CFW and I am sure you want it to be used by everyone and not just experts. After all what use is a programme if it cannot be used efficiently by everyone?
Thanks for listening
PS England is just kicking off against Ecuador, see you later (WCF8)

How can it be CPF causing it when you have uninstalled it?. Are there any error messages, page not found etc? Is your copy of windows legit?

I had the same problem. I think it comes from choosing to block WGATray.exe with Comodo Firewall. However, when I went into the firewall configuration and changed it to Allow, it still blocked it. Even shutting down the Comodo firewall did not allow Windows Update to function. I uninstalled Comodo and reinstalled Kerio. It now works.

Hi Steve. Thanks for answering. Yes my copy of Windows is legit. I say I uninstalled but it seemed to have left bits & pieces behind(If thats possible) so I downloaded it again but when I try and install it’ it asks if I want to un-install it. If as you say “how can it be CPF causing it when you have uninstalled it” how can it have been uninstalled in the first place if it asks if I want to uninstall it now. I hope all that doesn’t sound to confusing.
Leo ???


Can you try uninstalling with the instructions in the following post then install again (you may want to try the beta installer):