Windows updater problem and "System" rule in firewall

I’m having the same problem as this person (error code 80072EFD when running windows updater) but I’m quite sure the problem is not due to ipv6 as was the suggested fix in that thread, since I don’t have ipv6 on the router or my pc. I’m running Win7 x64, Comodo Firewall 8.2.

When I disable the firewall temporarily, the updater seems to run fine, so its probably not the HIPS settings. Any idea how to configure the firewall to allow the updater to run properly? The “Windows Updater Application” entry is set with the default setting to allow all with any protocol as you can see in the screen cap below.

And my other question is that I have a “System” application under the Firewall application rules menu:

What application does it refer to? It doesn’t have any info apart from the title. I’ve set it custom ruleset to “ask”.