Windows Updater Not getting Through


Problem: Windows updater not Installng updates, staying at 0%.

Explanation: Windows Installer downloads the updates, but cannot seem to be able to intall it. I’ve went in the “Define a New Trused Application”, and found Windows Updater Application and added it, but as far as anything beyond that I’m not sure what more I’d need to do.

I left the computer installing for just under a day, and it never budged off 0%,

thanks in advance


Be really cool if someone could answer this, I’m backed up for “important updates” and I cant get it going,

I tried turning comodo off, and turning windows firewall on just to allow for the updates, but I couldnt find where to turn off comodo firewall, (the option just wasn’t available under “security center”),
so, maybe if someone could even answer that question, I could get the updates through.


most of the updates from microsft are not all that important anyways. I have been waiting days for a reply on my topic

I am running Win 7 X86 Ultimate.

I had this problem with the latest update and it is indeed Comodo which seemed to be the problem. I have not had any other issues with previous updates on any other programs I use or Win updates.

To fix I just ran MSCONFIG from task manager. Choose select startup and stop Comodo from running on startup and in the services tab. Then restart, install update and it should go through fine.

Be sure to go back and recheck Comodo to run again in the services tab and on startup for future.

Windows Updater Applications should be set as “Installer or Updater” in Computer Security Policy. Also make sure Windows Updater Applications are made Trusted in the Network Security Policy.

When the problem still occurs show us screenshots of the Firewall and D+ logs? The Firewall logs can be found under Firewall → Common Tasks → View Firewall Alerts. The D+ logs can be found under Defense + → Common Tasks → View Defense + Alerts.

Ahh Nice, some activity in here, :smiley:

@EricJH: I checked if windows updater application was set to “installer or updater”, and it was, and I checked if WUA was set trusted under Network Security Policy, and the setting was Custom, with all activity allowed IN/OUT.(all was green for the three sub options under WUA).

As for logs, all the defense+ alerts were from Crawler\Toolbar\CToolbar.exe, and one from Comodo. The firewall on the other hand is more varied all being, system, WOS or C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe.

(I added svchost.exe under “Define A New Trusted Application”)

@crownd: I always figured they werent overly important, but whats annoying is when I try and shutdown or restart my comp. it tries to automatically install the update during shutdown/restart,but it cant so it just stays at 0% until I kill the power basically. …very annoying.

turn off automatic updates and auto install, and just manually install the updates that “are” important.

Im still however looking for that post someone made that was all about blocking and allowing the svchost.exe.

but i have misplaced it somewhere I have seen others but no the one I read.

Try disabling Defense + and try again. To disable D+ go to Defense + → Advanced → Defense + Settings → tick “Deactivate the Defense+ permanently (requires a restart)” and restart the computer. Does this make the problem go away or does it persist?