Windows Updater D/Ling Virus backdoor.Win32.pcclean According to Comodo


After a reinstall of the OS, I’ve been downloading updates via Vista’s internet updater.

Comodo Suite, which I’m running and am routed through their server, is now claiming 15 instances of backdoor.win32.pcclean.

I disconnected Comodo, tried again, and the download failed, disconnecting me from my wireless home LAN.

I have isolated this problem to this computer.

I can’t imagine that Windows would be sending down corrupted files.

As of right now, I’m clean but am also sitting at a pre-SP1 state.

Any help would be very much appreciated.



P.S. I am far from a newbie at this. I’ve been messing with OSs since my Trash-80 at age 5 and have owned every processor save the 386. Thanks again, J.S.

I’m a “Novice” myself, well kinda. Anyway, did you reformat before installing the OS, or did you just use the recovery disk? I’m sure that if you did the recovery disk option without reformat that nasties can be left behind?

I’m sure someoen will answer your question soon, who knows far more than I (that’s one of the joys of this forum!). Hope all is resolved soon.

PS- If all else fails, maybe it’s best not installing Comodo until you got it all updated (the OS) THEN put it on.

What files are being flagged as malware. Please run them through Virus Total and post the url’s to the result pages. They may be false positives.