Windows Update

Since i’ve installed Comodo Firewall, i’m unable to update windows and other Microsoft programs using Windows Update.

wuapp.exe, svchost.exe, services.exe, services.msc are all treated as reliable.

The process goes on indefinitely and nothing.

What should I do?


Hi Taranto, welcome to the forums.

Check CIS’s event logs for any references for Windows Update processes. Also, and probably more importantly, check the actual Windows Update log itself (usually found in the Windows folder and called WindowsUpdate.log)… you’ll need to look at the end of the text file, since it probably contains a log of every Windows Update run your system has ever done (unless you deleted it at some point). The WU log will tell exactly why it failed (with error messages) and when it was last successfully run.

I’ll look at the logs right now…

Thanks a lot! :-TU