Windows Update

Hiii…can someone help me with this.

How can I set a rule to allow windowsupdate to work???

Hi All!

My first post here, got to say been using Comodo for about a week since re-installing windows and am slowly getting to grips with it. Thanks to the team!

I have same problem as ladybatates in that I cannot seem to use
Win Update without turning off Comodo. I’ve not read up yet on how to set rules, is this what we need to do? (set a rule).

Regards from France,


When i first tried to go to Windows update i had two alerts from CPF ,(both for svchost if i recall,) anyway … after allowing CPF what it asked for while attempting to access the site ( also ticked always allow) i was able to get to the update page without any errors. I think the older version of CPF had issues with Windows Update but not the latest.
I remember a while back i had to uninstall/reinstall and redo my permissions, but after that it all went very well. (:WIN)