Windows update

Hello, podeis to say that to rules tego to me that to create for being able to use Windows update, thanks.

Hola, me podeis decir que reglas tego que crear para poder utilizar windows update, gracias Saludos

i’ll do a a translation from his spanglish

Can you say me rules i must to create for use Windows update??

I don’t Know. I use acoobrowser for WU
No lo sé, yo uso Acoobrowser para WU


No additional rules are needed to use the Windows Update program.

It doesn’t work here. It gives me the dreadful 0x8024402C error.
As soon as I exit Comodo, it works perfectly.
I am new to Comodo, long time Syagate user. From Syagate I learned that if I was blocking svchost.exe then indeed the windows update didn’t work. But I am doing nothing like that in Comodo. Or maybe I am and I don’t know?

Thanks for your help!

Peace out!


What does your WindowsUpdate.log say about the error?