windows update

I can update windows with windows update with comodo firewall.

Do you mean you can’t update ?

If so how do you try to update i.e. is there a link under the start menu what you click, access it from internet explorer, automtically or just go to the site?

Does it work with Comodo swithced to allow all?

Do you have any other security software that may be affecting this?


IE is running and i choose Windows update in the menu.
Without comodo, windows update worked very well.
I have authorized IE and svhost.exe to run hiden process… without succes.


If you are using a local proxy server like google web accelerator or proximitron, you may have difficulties in windows update. Do you have any of them?
What is the error code you have?

Hello , yes I have the same problem. Any ideas as to how I can fix this and still maintain optimal security levels ?

Thankyou. (:NRD)