Windows Update won't work

I’ve recently bought an HP Pavillion loaded with Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit.
I’m using Comodo Firewall Pro and Kaspersky Anti-Virus
Windows Update is unable to search for new updates (error code 80072EFE).
I’ve spent the last two evenings surfing support sites and forums, trying various svchost.exe and avp.exe related fixes… to no avail. Windows Update simply cannot hook up with the Microsoft server.
I’ve just uninstalled and reinstalled both Kaspersky and Comodo, so both are back to default settings.
Could somebody be kind enough to take me through the steps to solve this prob?
Mucho thanks.

Welcome Flip,

A couple Q’s:

Can you update with Kas and CFP disabled/uninstalled?

Why do you think CFP might be the culprit? Are you seeing any events in the Firewall log (Firewall > View Firewall Events)?

Can you otherwise access the internet? Will other apps, etc. update properly?

Comodo doesnt have a web shield and does not interfere with web page loading. You need to be sure your Windows update service is running.