Windows update went wrong ( and I already fixed it )

Hey guys :slight_smile:

Today I had a problem after updating Windows XP, and I already fixed it :slight_smile: But maybe someone can pinpoint what was wrong :wink:

Let me explain : I manualy updated Windows with all available updates. After rebooting Windows Live Messenger couldn’t connect, than I got errors from programs that tried to update :o The same thing happened when I tried to update them manualy. Than I tried IE7 and that worked perfectly well, ALTHOUGH it couldn’t connect to Windows Update :o Also another reboot didn’t help :’(

So I decided to deinstall IE7, rebooted, cleaned the register with CCleaner, installed IE7 again, rebooted, updated Windows, rebooted and … voila, everything was working again as is should be ;D

So the problem was : Although IE7 was updated and working, it was not possible for other programs to use it. Even Windows update wasn’t working :o

My question is : What the hell could have been the problem ???

Greetz, Red.

You? (sry, couldn’t resist 88) )

Yes me :slight_smile: I am no Windows expert, and I had no time to figure out what was wrong :wink:

Greetz, Red.

You have my respect, you confess :slight_smile:

:THNK i’ve had problems with windows update too.

  • mysterosly can’t do windows update :THNK (you solved it :-* :-* )
  • i can’t update IE6 to IE7. everytime i try it, i can’t use my comp after restarting. there’s message said
    “setting personalized…” :THNK

Internet Explorer. Get rid of it ASAP.

On a serious note, I installed 3 M$ updates fine using the System Properties applet.

Must be IE, I don’t ever use it and also I don’t use WLM so the update went very well for me :wink:

Quick Question Soya/anyone,when you say system properties applet what do you mean?Is it control panel system,as i can only get automatic updates screen there and it wants to use ie.



Yes. I have a script that can “automate” the process to overcome the annoyances.

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