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What would I look for with the firewall to make sure that the windows update website gets through?

Go to the Windows Update site and see if it works.

I just did that, but I got the 0x8024402C error message. I reloaded the page and the website came in.

Comodo doesn’t have a web shield so its not Comodo. Are you using any sort of pop up blocker? Is this IE7 your using? If Windows Update is off you will get an error. Have you shut off Windows Auto Update?

I’m using IE7. No prompts come up with the pop up blocker. With the windows update, do you mean the option under security center that you get with service pack 2. The one that lists the four options that you choose from?

Yes…that option.


In Control PanelAdministrative ToolsServices (or Run ‘services.msc’), are BITS (Background Intelligent Transfer Service) and Automatic Updates running? Also, cryptographic services must be running.

If all of the above are running, make sure that svchost.exe in FirewallAdvancedNetwork Security Policy is set to allow outgoing traffic. It should, if you haven’t changed it.
Also, in Defense+AdvancedComputer Security Policy, svchost.exe should be under ‘Windows Updater Applications’ or something, unless you’ve changed it.


I took a look at my services and background intelligent transfer service is set to manual. Is that ok, or should it be set to automatic? Where do I find the firewall that you talk about?

The service should be automatic. Set it to automatic. Reboot and see what happens.

Yes, BITS should be set to manual. It’ll only run when updating Windows, and will thereafter be stopped.
And the firewall I’m talking about is CFP 3. With ‘firewall’, I meant the tab in CFP 3. Sorry if it was a bit confusing.
If you haven’t changed the default rules for system applications, you won’t have to look there.
Instead, disable the firewall first, and see if Windows Updates works. If it doesn’t, disable Defense+ and see if it works. That way, we’ll know which part of CFP 3 that’s not working.
If it still doesn’t work, the problem isn’t related to CFP 3.


He is using Comodo 2.4. This is a 2.4 thread. or atleast I hope he is.

Oh, I forgot to look. Thanks for telling me Vettetech.

Then it should be SecurityApplication Monitor. Make sure that svchost.exe is allowed for outgoing connections.


I looked at my firewall and svchost is being allowed.

Then its not Comodo.

Checking for the error code 0x8024402c and Windows Update, returns this page Troubleshoot problems updating Windows - Microsoft Support

The relevant portion:

0x8024402C or 0x8024502d error codes To resolve these errors, remove characters from the proxy exception list, and then clear the proxy cache. To do this, follow these steps: 1. Open Internet Explorer. 2. On the Tools menu, click Internet Options. 3. Click the Connections tab, click LAN Settings, and then click Advance. 4. Delete any entry in the Exceptions section. 5. Quit Internet Explorer. 6. Click Start, click Run, type cmd, and then click OK. 7. Type the following commands. Press ENTER after each command. • proxycfg -d • net stop wuauserv • net start wuauserv

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I want to rule out the possibility that something is not being blocked. What needs to be allowed by a firewall for the windows update website to come in?

Stop blaming Comodo. Its not Comodo cause Comodo doesn’t have a web shield. If you think its Comodo then uninstall it and see if the Windows Update Site works. Is auto update on automatic in “services.msc” Default is automatic. Put it to automatic and reboot. See what happens.

The windows update website comes in now so if it doesn’t later on, then the firewall is not to blame. If the website does not come in later, then I’ll get help on another forum.

I am in the same position as game kid with this Windows update/Comodo problem.
Even to the error message_0x8024402C
All my settings are as they should be.
Windows update will not bring up the available downloads, unless i turn OFF the Fire wall.
Then all down loads work fine.

It therefore looks like a Comodo problem.

Where do I go now?
Change firewalls!/

I no longer have the issue. Check to see if something is being blocked in the firewall. If you can’t get updates through the website, you can set your updates to come through automatically or be notified when new updates are available. As long as your internet connection is working, you can get updates. There is no need to change firewalls unless you want to go with a different provider. Are the updates not coming in at all or do they come in sometimes and not other times?