windows update trying to axses comodo firewall help needed

HI all not sure if this is a big problem or how i go about fixing it at that but as long as windows updates i guess its ok. but here is a picture i speak of you can see the windows stuff trying to gain axses to comodo memory. the one perfect disk one i took care of but the other to how do i address this issue.

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No problem I can see, it’s just logging.

yeah that is what i figured the perfect disk one i added to comodo memory area like Vettetech showed me how to do but i could not find a process to add these to it lol. so is it ok to stay like this as it’s not going to stop the update process is it?.

No its not going to stop it. Its normal. You can add both alerts by pointed it to the directory listed in the logs. I have added both those you show already after doing some Windows updates.

Hello Frogger :slight_smile: MRT.exe is Windows Malicious Software Removal program that windows puts out once a month and all it does is scan your computer for any known malicious software so why it made an alert was because it was scanning comodo and also accessed the Hard Drive which D+ monitors for programs that do that and logs one programs trigger it (I think) :stuck_out_tongue: But there is nothing to worry bout as MRT.exe is legit so you’re fine (:WAV)

so just add them to comodo interprocess memory like i did the others Vettetech i think that is were you told me to add these things? and it should not log it correct?

Yes exactly… :BNC :Beer. I have several things added to interproccess memory access.

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(:NRD) cool thought so i remembered :slight_smile:

How to you get there?

Very easy. Go to D+\Advanced\Computer Security Policy. Right click on on Comodo Firewall Pro and select edit. Then select Protection Settings. Then click on Modify next to Interprocess Memory Access.