Windows Update Problem

Recently I have a problem with windows update, it is disable by default, when i turn it on, something wont let me, also tried with services.msc, and that couldnt help !
when i try to go windows update website it will open another site :
or this one :
i think its some adware…
How can i remove it

Yes. I’d say you are infected and it looks like more than just adware.
DO NOT INSTALL ANTIVIRUS 2009. It’s malware.

Please follow this:

:slight_smile: Good luck.

Once I knowingly clicked the second link you posted to test it my anti virus alerted of a trojan being downloaded. Mod please remove the link Thx.

Do you remember if that second site used any type of flash or not? I didn’t get any AV alert from CIS, but if i downloaded the trojan, it didn’t execute yet because D+ didn’t alert me of anything yet.

I’m asking about the flash because I use NoScript and it looked like the site was being blocked from flash.

I too sue noscript and even adblock plus but Avast notified me BEFORE it was downloaded and aborted the connection meaning it must have been in the website code? but I have strict firefox setting s so I don’t think the site even loaded the flash if it had any.

I guess I deleted it in the FF Cache with CCleaner. SAS and MBAM came up clean.

So why comodo CIS couldnt detect it ?
I have installed comodo boclean, but its still there and wont let me to turn on windows updte,
i installed comodo boclean on another pc and downloaded that software, comodo boclean detected it removed it, but in this computer its still here…

marSoul: I removed the infected links, to answer your question:

So why comodo CIS couldnt detect it ?

No Anti-Virus or Anti-Malware product can detect 100% of the things out there! That’s why PREVENTION is your first line of Defense, followed by DETECTION. Prevention is Defense+ in CIS. Layered Security is the ONLY way forward.

You’re infected with a Rouge Antivirus (Antivirus 2009). To make it easier for you to remove it, Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware or SUPERAntiSpyware will be able to remove it. Update the definitions before scanning, and remove the infection(s) found. I highly reccomend you keep Malwarebytes & SUPERAntiSpyware on you’re PC, Scanning your computer (& Updating definitions) atleast once a week is a healthy practice.



Thanks for your comment,
What about comodo BOclean ?
Can it remove it or not ?
this product you suggest is not free i think…

The products I suggested are free, Without real time protection - But CIS takes care of that. Yes, you can remove BOClean it will be in CIS in the future anyway. Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware is FREE, Real time protection costs the extra 20 bux or so. And also here is the link for SUPERAntiSpyware Free:


Avast has a built in anti spyware that protects against XP antivirus 2009 or Antivirus 2008 all of the known silly little fake programs. CIS Would for sure alert you about anything suspicious say you are infected.