Windows Update Notifications

I have windows update to notify of updates to itself cause I like to install them when I want too. Just today I realized that I don’t get a popup balloon telling me windows updates are ready for my computer.

It worked with 2.4, but I’ve come to notice it doesn’t work with v3.0. Any ideas on the situation?

Other than that, it all works great. :wink:

You may not have an entry for Windows Update in the Network Security Policy page. This is easiest fixed by starting WU from the Start>All Programs menu and when the firewall Allow alert pops up, click “Treat this program as…” and select “Trusted Application” from the drop-down beside it. Even just clicking Allow will generate a rule that will let it work.

Thanks for your suggestion
I,also,did not get the Windows Updates that is to say on two computers i did on the other i did not
Is it possible to change a setting and see if updates work rather than the way you suggest.
It would not be possible,until next Month to check if the updates worked automatically.

You could check the Log box on the policy for WinUpdate. Click Firewall>Advanced>Network Security Policy>(locate and select the entry for the updater .exe)>Edit>(check that the “Use a Custom Policy” button is selected)>Click the “Copy from” button, choose “Predefined Policy” and select the “Outgoing Only” policy. Click on the first Allow rule and click Edit. On the Edit page check the “Log…” box. Then click Apply on three pages. This will show the connection being allowed when update checks in. You can then (after a day or so to let the updater do its scheduled job - maybe at bootup?) check the Firewall>Common Tasks>View Firewall Events page and see that the connection is happening. You should probably uncheck the Log box once you verify that it is working.