Windows Update Not Working


I’m new to the forums and really don’t understand the Comodo Firewall but since installing it on a new Windows 8.1 Pro installation Windows Update does not work. It tells me that I have 3 important updates to install but when it tries to install them I get an error message which seems to say it cannot connect to the update servers.

I also tried to remove Hyper-V from the system and Windows said it needed to get some files (why it needs to get anything to remove Hyper-V) I do not know. But it again said it could not connect to the servers.

I know that my network it okay as I can get to everything else.

Could someone also point me to a video explaining how to set up the Comodo firewall? It keeps blocking programs that I tell it not to block and I have no idea why it keeps doing it. When I unblock them it says unblocking with not block them again, but 2 seconds later it blocks them again.

I’m sure this means I’m doing something really stupid but I cannot currently work out what!



Hello BigLeo,

Thank you for reporting.Let me know your CF version?

Kind Regards,

The version is

Are there any videos on how to configure Comodo Firewall, HIPS etc?

This is an excellent configuration Comodo Firewall- The Cruelsister Variation - YouTube