Windows Update kills Zone Alarm

Great Success, High 5! :BNC


Microsoft fails again :■■■■

And it’s pulling zonealarm down with it. :■■■■

Now aren’t we glad we disabled that service. I am. Of course I don’t use zone alarm, but just the same.


The problem is resolved. Set ZA to “medium” protection, download the new release, install it. Then check if ZA is back to “high” protection.

Still, it must have freaked out a lot of people…
My brother being on of them! => 'Why isn’t the Internet working?!"

I had some friends calling me also cause they couldn’t connect. LOL.

now only if they did this with some more products :P…hmmmm…

Everyone switch to Comodo & the problem is automatically RESOLVED.


indirect n unintentional promotion i guess ;D

Nah it’s intentional.


I meant MS pullin down ZA with it… automatically causes users to look for alternative solutions…