Windows update KB942763

Windows update KB942763 will not install due to the firewall. Others have confirmed that it will install after uninstalling the firewall.

I really do not want to uninstall the firewall to get this windows update to install. I tried disabling the firewall and defense + but did not work. Is there another way around this?

Confirmed! Uninstall Comodo and update installs.

Are you two using Vista? Or possible XP x64?
Since I’m using XP PRO x86 without and it installs without any problem (Defense+ enabled).

It would be nice if you two could include some more information, like OS(XP/Vista, x86/x64) and other running applications. Also, were you using the Windows Update site, or did you download and installed it manual?


Oops, sorry Ragwing.

I have the firewall installed on both XP 32-bit and Vista 32-bit. Having the defense+ in installation mode the KB942763 windows update installed on the XP computer. I tried the dense+ in installation mode and a manual install of the windows update with no luck on my Vista computer. I finally uninstalled the firewall and the windows update did install. I don’t know what to think, maybe the firewall is not a 100% compatible with Vista.

Edit: I had Nod32 disabled on both computers when I did the windows update. My Vista computer also has Windows Defender.

KB942763 installed OK here on XP Home SP2

I got KB942763 to install on my vista 32 bit system with comodo installed and running both the firewall and d+, but it took me a few days and several failures. The fix (for me at least) was instead of using “restart” from the start menu I used the red windows shutdown button (which I noticed had a yellow “!” alert on it). The update did it’s configuring updates for installation on both logoff, and once I turned the computer back on manually it did it on bootup, before actually entering windows. I checked windows update once fully booted and installation was successful.
This may not be a comodo issue at all as I’ve had bugs similar to this happen in the past (before even having comodo v3 installed). It could actually be Microsoft’s fault. They should at least tell you when a complete shutdown is necessary and a simple restart won’t suffice, or build updates that actually update our machines.

Installed this update without any problems whatsoever on my system.

There is a workaround that works but not for all. Go to Defense+ → Advanced → Defense+ settings. Now disable D+ and reboot; that is mandatory. Now install the update, reboot and turn D+ back on.

I found it in this thread: .

I was able to install the update on my XP SP2 laptop, but in my Vista Business 32-bit desktop I was able to install it only after uninstalling the firewall. In both systems the latest version 3.14.276 is installed. EricJH I wish I had seen you post before uninstalling it from my Vista box.