Windows Update KB917422!! [RESOLVED]

I installed todays Windows Updates and this one KB917422 failed to install then caused buffer overrun errors for every running application on my PC, then Comodo and Avast shutdown. Neither would restart.

It tried several times to remove and re-install the update and didn’t work. I then uninstalled Comodo and it worked, then reinstalled Comodo. No problems since.

XP Sp2 Comodo latest non beta version.

Yep same here. Got the visualc++ buffer overrun and then endless ie explore.exe runtime errors which made everything ■■■■ out, no connection, firewall stopped. Tried restart and reinstall of update but nothing would work so I had to use backup image to get back to normal state before installing comodo.
Then did all windows updates and they all went ok.
Now have just re installed comodo and started again.

Erm… I can’t find anything on MS’ site about KB917422, which is… different.

It is on windows update, 1 of 9 updates out today, this particular update has something to do with kernel 32.dll which is replaced.

Yup, I just discovered that. I’m getting them now. But, since I’m using W2k I might not be able to replicate the problem. I’ll post back either way.

Right, I installed KB917422 without incident. But, it did force a system restart after installation. However, CPF was still running without any apparent problems. It replaced kernel32.dll & mpr.dll on my system. Maybe it only happens on XP?

Actually it is Comodo that prevents that particular MS update from installing. I had the problem on two computers. The only way to get the update installed was to first uninstall Comodo. Hope this can be fixed. :o

There are messages appearing on windows update forum listing this update and the same error, some are getting it with norton progs so it seems that there are other firewalls getting stuffed by this update.
Here is link to update info:

I too got buffer overrun errors. I tried uninstalling the update and reinstalling via WUpdate and got more errors. Then I downloaded it manually, saved it, disabled everything I had running, didn’t get the errors anymore, but update 917422 still shows as failed, so I don’t know if it’s installed properly or not.

You could check version of kernel32.dll in system32 folder, the updated version is 5.1.2600.2945.
I could only get it working with no comodo firewall installed and using xp firewall, antivirus caused no problems with install.

Hi Guys,

The update problems you mentioned should not be related to CPF. If the problem is about downloading those updates, then we can say CPF is blocking something. But if the problem is about installing those updates, CPF does not interfere anything other than internet connections.

Also let us know your CPF versions and some more detailed information about the symptoms you are experiencing.


I have version of firewall.
The problem occurred after going to windows update to get latest security updates, all downloaded ok and all except kb917422 installed without error.
The first error came up saying update failed, then a popup saying
visual c++ runtime error - buffer overrun detected - 86afc583a58922d9f353b3-3a41c1 update:
A buffer overrun has been detected which has corrupted the program’s internal state. The program cannot safely continue.
clicking on the close option of this popup then brought up - ie explore.exe run time error, and then clicking on the close option of this popup brought up another box the same and so on ad infinitum.
Restarted machine and found that could not connect to internet,firewall failed to start, antivirus failed to start and trying to access any explorer or task manager brought up the same ie runtime error boxes.
Restored image taken before installing comodo, which had nothing else different other than the lack of comodo, proceeded to windows update and all updates downloaded and installed without error.
I have since re installed comodo and all seems ok but the problem was definately related to comodo and this particular update.
kernell32.dll is listed in component monitor.
winxp home is os

Probably best to install by windows update (not manually). I removed mine after the errors and repeated windows update with Comodo uninstalled. It was listed ok then.

I got the same problem running of CPF - same C++ error msg and general failures with explorer, IE, etc afterwards until reboot

I didn’t bother trying to uninstall Comodo, as I manually downloaded the update .exe and ran it - I still got the error, but I read the MS tech note and checked my kernel32.dll had indeed been updated after the reboot

apart from the update history on the windows update website saying it had failed, it doesn’t prompt me to download anymore and all ‘seems’ well (just not a totally clean update!)

I wonder if Comodo, on install, had changed something about the visual C++ runtime dll(s) which brought this fault about (since people here are saying that it installs just fine without/after-uninstalling Comodo)

btw, what is mpr.dll - I didn’t read anything about this update affecting that file - at least not on XP Home SP2???

CPF does not change anything. It may be because of the IE activeX it is using.

In any case, the upcoming release should solve the possible reasons i can think of. Anyone tried with the latest BETA? Because I did not see such errors with BETA.

Yes. Please see my post (above).

If in fact this update is changing the kernel32.dll, I am surprised more programs don’t work. But as some stated, XP firewall works, well it should as it’s part of the OS the Kernel is updated on. I don’t think this is CPF related. When a change like this is made, it seems to effect security software the most. I would hazzard a guess that since IE is a direct mount to the OS that it in fact has to do with the error, not CPF. To try to simplify it, if your programs are used to running on C:\ path, you change the path to D:\ some programs will work while others will get all confused and say, where’s C:?? So just on a smaller scale here, change\update kernel32.dll, if changes to IE made, CPF will work incorrectly since installed for the previous. MS updates do not support 3rd party software changes per se, they update thier own system and up to the users to worry about the rest.
Hope this helps. :slight_smile:



If it is not related to CPF how come that when I installed windows updates on a system that had never had CPF installed all went ok but when I installed windows updates on the very same system that I just installed CPF on the errors previously stated occurred.
No other programs caused errors on the system and as others have stated removing CPF solves the problem, so therefore it follows that the problem is with CPF and this update.
I have never had a problem with windows updates and any other programs on my system.
I have always used winxp firewall but recently decided to try CPF after reading positive reviews but am now having second thoughts.

I think this problem is about internet explorer. In some PCs, it is clear that this update causes problems or can not be properly installed. The errors you get are the same errors some other users see although they dont use CPF at all. CPF is also using IE activeX controls. So any problem in IE will affect CPF as well.

The visual c++ bufferoverrun messages are default messages created by MS Visual C++.NET compiler during the compilation of the binaries. So a bug in the updated binaries/installers etc. can cause these issues. CPF may even be triggering an existing bug.

Did you in fact download all the updates and THEN install Comodo? It doesn’t sound like so by your reply. Don’t install comodo and then do the updates, do the updates first. I have 3 different OSs Winxp home , Xp pro , and another XP pro. I have all current updates and use 4 Comodo products, none have caused this error. If it is on select systems, do you have OEM or store bought OS? What type of PC do you have? Did you in fact disable Windows firewall properly by unchecking the Local area connection as well? I can only take your word for it that you have in fact no other programs, etc…interfering with Comodo. I mean no offense by this but have helped many with pc problems and (once again, no offense) but not all tell the whole tale if you know what I mean. I am no stranger in pc repair and am not paid by comodo or otherwise and can vouch that 99.9% of problems have ended up being pc user end related that I have dealt with, not comodo, and it works wonderfully. There is some variable here being over looked we just have to weed it out, so hang in there! :slight_smile:

Cheers, Paul