Windows Update KB4022716

I read several places that this update is a problem and Cis v10.0.1.6250 RC is a fix. Will this come as a normal update or do you have to uninstall and reinstall CIS ? Thanks for your help.

Uninstall and install using the new installer is always the best way to go but you can run the update task from within comodo and it will update as explained in the release topic.

Problem solved. CIS just updated to which I assume is OK. No problems yet. That was lucky, wish I had waited 45 min. Thanks

Never thought about the millions that must be updated but a day later my wife’s CIS on windows 10 hasn’t updated yet. How long does it take to work through updates? Just wondering. Thanks

Updates are paused you need to download the installer manually to upgrade.

Hi Again, Are you saying on my wife’s PC I have to uninstall and reinstall taking a chance on install problems versus update. My PC updated, will that be a problem? Should I uninstall and reinstall? :-\ Thanks for your help

No, you’ve been upgraded automatically already.
You’ve indicated you now have CIS installed, along with KB4022716. The update got through to you before Comodo had a chance to pause automatic updates.
You’re good to go. Automatic updates to .6254 were paused due to the slightly alarming issues being reported in the release thread. But if you wish to perform a manual update, you can proceed to the following thread and download the installer.

All complete. Thanks