Windows Update is failing

Hi everyone,
Recently I’ve noticed that my windows update service has stopped working. I get error code: 80070005. Searching the web for a solution I’ve found that this error can be caused by an antivirus program. Does anyone else has a similar problem? Moreover searching the event viewer I found out that the last successful update was at 8/6/2010. When the last version of CIS was published?
Thanks in advance for your help

Yesterday 3rd august, I’ve had a security update for my windows xp pro sp3 ! It’s suposed to be the update that resolves the .lnk bug for win operating systems (not sure though) !
I’m also using CIS, used it since 3.8 or 3.9 !

Don’t know what’s wrong in your case… maybe if u give more detail like what operating system are u using, if u use other security software along with CIS… or are u sure u didn’t deleted some D+/Firewall rules or something… maybe someone could help you, imo Google is your best friend if u know how to ask !

P.S. If u use win xp, press start on the taskbar and choose Windows Update and see where that gets you (u must have internet explorer installed and with granted permission in Set Program Access and Defaults) !

I’m using Windows 7 Professional (64-bit) and I don’t use any additional security programs.
My CIS settings are:

  • Antivirus security level: stateful
  • Firewall security level: safe mode
  • Defense+ security level: safe mode
  • Sandbox: enabled

I followed the instructions for solving this issue in this link, with no result.

Maybe the problem is not due to Comodo, I don’t use Comodo anymore because of game issues and I also had problems with the latest Windows Update.
For me Fix Windows Update worked

Unfortunately this was caused by CIS because when I uninstalled it, I was able to get the update. Hope that comodo will get some bugs (like this one and another with UPnP that I have figured out using strongDC++) fixed in order to use it again.

I had the same problem getting the Monday Microsoft update installed.
Win 7/32 was stuck at “welcome”.
I had to boot into save mode, uninstall the update disable CIS Beta and was then able to get the windows update installed.

Took me awhile to figure it out :frowning: