Can I somehow avoid update errors under Vista, or at least, fully disable Comodo?

Without more details of your problem, I can only suggest that you look at the threads for Update error 106/109/10x and Windows Updates Doesn’t Update on this page:

You should not have to fully disable Commodo try disabling Defense+ while using windows update, Summary/Proactive Defence.

Defense+: disabled
Firewall: tried disabled, nothing helps only uninstall

Found this:
I got same problem with Update for Windows Vista: KB942763 - error Code 80070643

Microsoft suggest to restart office source service: but I have no office at my laptop
according to Neowin post uninstalling comodo fix that problem. I still did not uninstall so I am can test particular fixes :wink:

That particular update didn’t install for me either, but the rest were fine. It fixes Daylight Savings Time in odd places, so I can wait. :wink:


I had the same problem with that update. I tried turning off Avast and Comodo but the update still failed with error code 80070643. Finally I uninstalled CFP and tried the update again. This time the update installed just fine. I also decided to try to install 2 Vista Ultimate Extras that would not install, BitLocker & EFS enhancements and Hold’Em Poker and they also installed just fine. Hopefully someone can look into this issue and fix it. Would be a pain to have to uninstall Comodo everytime.
My system:
Vista Ultimate 32 bit
Avast Home 4.7.1098
BOClean 4.25
Spybot S&D
Hopefully this helps and if anyone has questions let me know.


Add me to the list of people having this problem. I hope a solution is close at hand.

I installed it with no problem between uninstalling build 273 and installing built 276. Never found the problem. With 273 installed, downloaded the standalone version of the update, tried making it trusted and updater in D+, trusted in firewall, none made a difference. Try again with 276. :wink:

I will wait maybe for next stable on auto-updater then

This problem is still present in I’ve tried everything short of uninstalling, including permenant disable of defense+ and disabling the service. It must be something do to with one of the drivers comodo installs. I also tried safe mode but windows update doesn’t work in safe mode (not sure whether it did in xp or not but it doesn’t in vista). I’ve tried it with the standalone package as well. I think the update that didn’t work back in beta was a daylight savings related one too.

I havn’t uninstalled yet because I can’t get the settings to export - a 0B file is created but I get an error “Unable to export configuration” - but thats a story for another bug report :slight_smile:


Comodo 32bit
Vista Home Premium 32bit
Avira Antivir PersonalEdition Classic
Windows Defender 1.1.1505.0

To enable export of my settings I had to disable UAC. Since then it has worked perfectly, and disabling it also fixed problems with several other programs.

Thanks - when you mentioned that I tried running CPF as admin (on the right click menu) and it worked. I thought CPF must allready be running elevated but obviously the GUI does not. I was saving to desktop so it shouldn’t matter but CPF must be accessing something to save the settings that requires elevation.

All problems that I’ve come accross due to UAC can be fixed with run as admin and you can set it to do it every time on the compatibility tab in properties, you can get around startup programs that need UAC being blocked by scheduling a task in task scheduler that runs on startup and ticking run with highest privileges. Its frustrating there isn’t an easier way of doing it. Hopefully one of these suggestions will fix your problems as UAC is a big extra layer of security. Anyway I’m getting offtopic here :slight_smile:

thanks for the help,

If Tea Timer is running try turning it off. I know I couldn’t get MS updates from the website with TT running in Spybot 1.4.

Just came by to tell that i’m having excactly the same problem as thread starter.

Using Vista home premium and CFP


Go to “Defense+” → “Advanced” → “Defense+ Settings” → “General Settings” tab.

Check “Deactivate the Defense+ permanently (Requires a system restart)”.

After the restart, KB942763 installs correctly.

Yes ,I too had to uninstall for windows update to work. Even exiting firewall is not helping. In some instanses firefox is not connecting to internet. This is a bug. Feeling sorry to uninstall such a comprehensive firewall. Please fix this fast!!!

Did not help. I finally uninstalled cfp and installed win updates. Rather annoying :frowning:

I tred that and it worked indeed. I made the mistake with switching on D+ before rebooting for the updates. So you need to reboot and then switch on D* again. Only the mentioned KB942763 is effected.

Before I tried your trick I tried to give the Windows Updater Applications and Windows System Applications the trusted statys. But that didn’t help.

I too have this problem. It also prevents Window Defender (WD) from updating. I get error x80072f78 on both. Turning off Def+ did not help. This makes WD essentially unusable because without updates it becomes less and less effective and MS issues updates every day or so.
I hope it can be fixed soon.
I am running Win XP Pro x64 Ed and CFP

this worked for me. i had the problem before and had to uninstall (which stinks) but permanently disabling the +defense worked and was much less painful and un-and-reinstalling would be. thanks for the tip. gonna let them know over at neowin forums.