Windows Update disabled by mistake [RESOLVED]

I just installed Comodo and it seems to be working, however, by mistake, I denied Windows Update and now I can’t access the internet site. I need to be able to update Windows, so how do I put it onto my trusted applications? Or how do I reverse the denial of the Update site? I’m very new at this Firewall business, so if you can be specific, I would appreciate it.

I have taken a quick way out of this as it happened to me, switch settings to allow all, go to windows updates site, and then switch to custom settings, or what you had them at, while on update site. It (should) then re-ask you once again and you can choose another answer. Yes you will be safe for a few minutes.



Thanks, Paul,

That seemed to take care of it, however, it didn’t ask me if I wanted to accept Update after I reset the Security Level to Custom again. Is it reset for good now, or will I have to reset things again each time I go to Windows Update. I have it set on my Security Center to automatically update, and I would like to keep it that way.

I like the program–nice, easy interface. I tried Zone Alarm and it (or I) really messed up my internet connection. This one is much easier for me to understand.

It should be good. If anything changes it may ask but you can then set it to allow. :slight_smile: In truth, I used ZA for over 6 years, and it became so hassled, so bloated, and stopped my DSL all together. I didn’t like the way it ran, took up resources, forever to start. It used to be good, i’ll give it that, but it deteriorated over the years and became the NORTON of firewalls. I tested Comodo firewall and it was the only one that passed leak tests and the others. I was very pleased when I came across it. Depending on your time zone, the final 2.3 version should be out today, 31st! can’t wait.

Take care and for a bit of info, this is the friendliest forum out there. You can have fun, in some parts yet ask serious q’s and get serious a’s in others. Check out General Discussion and do some chatting. I don’t work for Comodo but do back them 100%. Since you are new here, WELCOME! I have been here for a couple of months and it’s great.

Any more questions or if I wasn’t specific enough, just give a yell.



Thanks, again, Paul,

I’ve checked Win Update a couple of times, and it always works great. So your solution solved my problem right away. I really appreciate it.

Got another question.

In trying to enter an Accepted Application, I am unable to type in the address for an application in the “specify application” window. Is this normal? I find it easier sometimes to just enter the address for an application, instead of always browsing (and then not finding) the application I want.

Hi, to be honest , I think it’s for many who find it easier to browse for it, more of a freindly user setting. If you want more you may be able to do this…

Click on Application monitor, and click the add+ or edit and you can manually configure some from there.

Hope this helps,