Windows Time Syncronisation Service and Comodo Firewall


After installing Comodo Firewall the Windows Time Synchronization Service does not work very well and now after setting up a daily Time Synchronization Schedule in Windows Task Scheduler it does not update at all. I only get an error message. The task is working as it should when Comodo Firewall is not installed.

From what I understand of Comodo Firewall’s / Windows processes I have never gotten a question from Comodo Firewall about whether I would allow outgoing traffic regarding Time Synchronization.

If someone could please help me, I would appreciate it.


In theory there shouldn’t be any problems with time synchronisation, providing you haven’t made any changes to the standard rules? By default, the firewall includes a rule for ‘Windows System Applications’, which is basically a rule for a group of System processes, including svchost.exe, which is responsible for synchronising Internet time. The default rule simply allows IP Out to anywhere on any port - image. Have you made any changes?

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Thank you for your reply Radaghast.

No I have not made any changes, so settings are the same as you illustrated.

I just did a manual Time Synchronization and it worked as it should. So it is only with the synchronization task in Task Scheduler. The syntax is “%windir%\system32\sc.exe” with argument “start w32time task_started”.


I’m guessing by the syntax you’re using that you’re using Windows 7? If so, you may already know, there’s a weekly task for time synchronisation, which can be found under the Microsoft folder. If you’re having problems with the task you’re creating manually, you could try either modifying the Microsoft task or you could export the task, create you’re own folder and then reimport and modify it. I just tried that here and it works as expected.

Try to change the server in windows 7 time and date set it to other