Windows Time Synchronization [Resolved]

Not sure if it is Comodo, but one of the suggestions is that the firewall might be the cause.

I am using XP and when I click on the clock to update time I receive a syncronzation error, (for both windows and gov time check.

I set the clock back 2 hours to see what would happen rebooted and still no time time syncronization?

Thank you for suggestions,


I think an answer lies in one of these in the Firewall FAQ’s thread:
Internet Time Synchronization,3678.0.html,7649.0.html,7883.0.html,9001.0.html


      Thank you for your assistance.  I finally was able to get time to synchronize.

What I did was add the server to the pull down box

       Not sure what the difference is between and  or  why both time servers found in the default XP settings and now fail ?  

       Living in the Central Time Zone  -6 GMT  hoped to have 1 or 2 servers located in it.   But it is working now and any time difference would only be fractions of a second.

       Normally would have responded sooner, but fell over a week ago and although I did not break my right knee cap it was swollen 4 times larger than the left.  It has been slowly coming down and between the knee cap and the swollen ankle, I hobble and scoot to my destination.  I can only sit so long and laying down with my leg up is frustrating. 

       With this Desktop I a wireless mouse and keyboard would have really helped, but I also would have required binoculars to read the type  ;D

      Thank you again,

I think would just be an alternative server. Might have to thank M$ for that one (not letting people know about it via Windows Updates or something automated).

I hope you recover soon. Binoculars? Well, that’s at least better than requiring a telescope :D.

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