This is the fourth time I have been confronted with corrupt/missing system file and and I only run Comodo CIS and System Cleaner on all my computers. I am very sure the loss across 4 different machines at home and work must be associated with either one of these programs

Any one else have a similar problem?

How did you fix same?

Today I logged into my work machine ( had been running all night and worked 100% yesterday after I ran registry cleaner). It was running strangely this morning so I rebooted only to be presented with a blank black screen after bootup started. F8 safe mode starts but stops loading at windows\system32\config\system.

Other machines gave a message along the lines could not find system file or it was corrupt…

I am convinced the standard running of System Cleaner is the culprit


Please provide us with more information regarding your PC ( operating system and programs installed ).

Thank you for your support.

recently i could not boot to windows after a system clean, i recived the message:
’ Windows cannot locate Hal.dll ’ or similar. the solution was F8> safe mode> msconfig> check all boot paths. i think this issue may have been caused by my removing win7 ?


This issue is not related to Comodo System Cleaner functionality or caused by any of its modules. It was probably caused by operating systems conflict.

Thank you for your support.

Insert Win Xp installetion disk and choose Recovery console

then run chkdsk [drive letter] f/r

it appears to cause by deleting massive files which were being used by other programs making your parttion dirty.

regarding missing hal.dll your HD is damaged( most likely ) as search of Hal is hard coded in boot loder