Windows System Restore and CTM

should i “OFF” Windows System Restore …if i use CTM or CTM not working correct wothout Windows System Restore

Hi, Mirvays

CTM is compatible with System Restore, but it is not recommended to use both at the same time.

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and where is all snapshots stored on my hdd ? i make Mount snapshots into NTFS directory = C:\COMODO Restore Snapshots\ after that i was make some snapshots, but this folder is empty… can you show the path…

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  1. The setting “Mount sanpshots into NTFS directory” means that the snapshot will be mount into the the folder your choose. If you disable this option, the snapshot will be mount as local disk, for example, Z:, you can find it in “My Computer”.
  2. The snapshots are not stored the folder you set.

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