windows start up problem with comodo internet security

I am a new user of comodo. I used zone alarm before and one of my firend told me that comodo is better and free. I uninstallled zone alarm.
I just downloaded the free version and installed on my win vista home basic (32-bit) computer. I installed firewall and defense+ only (no anti-virus). After install, it asked for restating to comepete the installation. I clicked yes and computer restarted. But now I can’t log into my computer. i gave right password and username, but it shows the text “welcome” with a revolving busy icon.

Can anyone help, please ?

It could well be that CIS is scanning your system already and slowing down the startup process…
Did you wait for a couple of minutes to see how your system behaves ? do you have a “harddisk activity led” ?
If it’s continuously busy i think that CIS is busy. I don’t know how big your harddrive is but if it has a lot of files i would let it run for a while.

If that does not work you can try to boot in safe-mode and see if that still works as expected.

I kept it running overnight , nothing happened.

Hey looks like you are in the same boat as mine.

I have already tried safemode as someone suggested for you. So I can tell that everything works fine in safemode. Also fine if you uninstall comodo.

So to save your life, go to safe mode and remove comodo. Then ask for help here to see who can help with this bug.


Do you have any other security software running also ? Does not matter if it’s real-time or on-demand.
I assume you have at least an other AV installed, because you chose to not install AV :wink:

newuser2009, would it be possible to test once again with Avast uninstalled ?

posted on my thread. didn’t want to mess with this thread.