Windows start screen freeze (


HI !

This morning when i was start my computer on, windows start screen stays on forever (i was going to my job and i left it on, like 9 hours) and that moving line still runing but nothing happened.

So i hit reset and start computer on whit last good working thing :slight_smile: first thing what i notice was that comodo initialaising very long time and fail to get defence + on, i dont know does the firewall work. I try Comodos diagnostig and it try to fix something but not working… ??? :cry:

I try several times to reboot, allways same problem and have to start last good working thing. Then i try to update it, installing was successful but my problems stays. Next step was unistalling and i take instruction comodos forums and try all regcleeners what i have (regseeker, ccleaner…). after reboot (normal) i install comodo and just clicking next and when all was done i reboot but still same problem.

Last thing what i have done is that i uninstall comodo v3 (forums instruction) and installing V2 and now everything works fine :BNC But i want my V3 back (:AGY)