Windows stability mantaince section and tips open quiz

Hello i want to share something whith you. When i buy my laptop it comes whith a corrupt windows installation and corrupt mediums to install. I still use linux systems for a while and i think

How can i check, preserve, restore and mantain windows stability?

Malware infections, and worng use can cause several errors on windows. Because that i want to ask you

What are you do to preserve, restore, annd check windows stability?

Please take as a quiz, an open quiz

i hope in the forum you do a section like that because no other security products give that services and I think one important part of a whole compromised company are that please give me a some tips like use

or Dism.exe

What do you do?

God Bless you

On hispasoftware whe make a countest to win a licence of office for best tip in our aniversay on august i hope you can participate but that space are a good ensay.

Good Bless you again and hope your answers like ever like an entusiastic comunity