Windows Shutdown (windows wont close)

Iam really a big fan of you comodo guys, Ive been using Comodo Firewall for a while now, And have gotten my girlfriend to start using it too. And she is pleased.

Anyway I started getting some trouble with system restarting a while ago.
I belive that my comodo is using a stricter ruleset than most of the users.
Almost all applications are set to “isolated application” mode.
Defence plus is set to paranoid mode with thrust applications signed by trusted software vendors turned off (not standard).
block all the unknown requests if application is turned off, is on.
monitor settings is set to all checkboxes clicked (on).

The firewall is custom policy with alert frequency very high.
on atack detection settings.
I got protect arp catche on (tho maby unessesary?)
and block gratious arp frames checked.(on)
block fragmented ip datagrams checked. (on)
do protocoll analysis checked (on).
do packet checksum verification (on).
monitor other NDIS protocols than tcp/ip (on).

I disabled a lot of services too beacouse i heard that that was good, and has turned of many of the starting applications. I almost only got the firewall + antivirus + anti spyware running and the browser of course.

I started getting system shutdown problems at the same time as i disabled some more services but at the same time as disabling more services i also did some changes to comodos “image execution control”

It has always been set to “agressive” but i noted that files to check were only .exe and . bat
so i added “excutables” beacouse i read somewhere on the forum that that was good for good security. (and removed duplicate(s))

The reason I know that its defence plus thats making it hard to do system restarts is beacouse I did some tests, and the onlyway for me to restart the computer (except holding in the restart button 5-10sec or remove the electricity) is by disabling comodo defence+ while closing the computer.
Otherwise I gets Loged out, but no system shut down. (impossible even when logged out to restart).

I use windows vista (sp1).
The real question is, what application is behind system restart or turn off?
I got dllhost.exe set as a limited application?
LogonUI is set to trusted thou. and userint.exe is “custom policy” (no rules set).