windows seven compatibility ?

hey guys I just heard about this new Comodo utility (the 64bit version) and wanted to try it. No luck, error message says incompatible OS. I put the setup file in Vista compatibility mode and still a no go. Is there anything I can do? thanks.

ps: I’m on Win7/64

CIS is compatible with Windows 7 and has been for a while. Which build of 7 are you using?

lol, I guess you’re in the wrong thread, I wasn’t talking about CIS, but CSC ;D

Oops! lol, guess I need new glasses!

Ah well, CSC works with 7 too :slight_smile:

how ??? may be the 32 bit version then that I haven’t tried…

edit: no, the 32 bit sends an error message too, prompting to run the 64 bit version.


We made it compatible now… do not worry, it works on Windows 7. Just have to wait for us to release the BETA :).

oh OK, thanks for the feedback