Windows Services Configuration Problems

Have seen some problems in CFP 3.0 that are due to users having turned off Windows Services that are required for CFP operations. Besides your other configuration information, it would be useful for you to tell us if you have disabled or reduced any services below the “SAFE” level in, as well as your security software, version, OS.

Ok so which are the services required for CFP operations?

I mean, is there a list or is it specifically mentioned somewhere? o.0

^^ Found my answer…:slight_smile:

We are working on assembling a more comprehensive list, but the developers are a little tied up now with the new release coming out this week. And there may be some surprises anyway. :wink:

I have set alot of servies to manual and disabled a fair bit through the system services and have disabled quite a fair amount of services via Security & Privacy Complete Tool. so I couldn’t tell you what all i have done cos I’m not sure myself lol. but CFP 3 is working fine for me without any problems ;D

It will be easier if you list what services CFP 3 needs to be not disabled or needs set to automatic instead of manual and then we all can check those ones and see how we have it set up

if you read the quoted thread (post) from my post, cfp will take a while to start with terminal services disabled; tnx sded …

Thanks I didn’t know that 1, I’m not having any slow startup with winxp or cfp, but i checked my Terminal Services after reading your post to see what I have mine set to and mine is on manual

If I remember correctly, that is the normal setting for terminal services. You will only see the slow initialisation if the service is disabled, I believe the same is true for fast user switching. Both of which I have disabled, I can live with it :slight_smile:

DNS Client Service is another one we have found is needed for some CFP functions.

What’s it needed for?
I got DNS Client Service(and about 90% of the other ones) disabled.
I had no visible problem with CFP 3.


That’s why some of these problems are so hard to find ;). See for example . They only seem to manifest themselves when something else unusual is done. And may be part of some of our other unresolved problems.

There are some strange things going on with DNS in 3.0.14. It behaves differently to 3.0.13. I created a post describing the situation here:

Some very strange DNS behaviour 3.0.14

Cool, keep them coming sded :Beer

my DNS client service i just checked to see what it was on, its on Automatic, its one i hadn’t changed because my connection relies on it

Concerning the “Terminal Services” service issue:

How much longer does it take Comodo to load / initialize
with this service being disabled (a little, a lot …)?
Is this the only side effect or are there others ?

What about Vista ? Does this happen there too, or is only WinXP affected ?
What if I set the service (in Vista) from automatic (the default in Vista) to manual ?


hey people i kinda set almost every service to Power User according to this site:
but when i started up my pc, the firewall was gone, and i couldn’t launch it also
i guess the virus has already gone through since i got several other problems (like i cant run registry keys)
i got a huge problem with viruses, so if i happen to disable firewall for one second it is finish, i gotta reinstall
no antivirus can take them out, it disables the AVs and kills services
so which services are necassary for firewall to work if power user config sucks?
i got WinXP Pro 32Bit
anyway im reinstalling in few minutes, but after that, i would like to hear some info about this

I would start out with Black Viper’s “Safe” option. Power User if only if you know exactly which services are required by all your applications-often trial and error. Haven’t seen a complete list for CFP, but have reports that it depends on your configuration.