Windows services assistence?

One of the tips to speed up windows is to disable unnecessary services, but there are many of them and some are critical to OS. Plus they can be named differently depending on OS language. So instead of searching for info about each service and figuring out if you (may) need it, as well as how it may be called in your language, is there a database or utility that can assist you with this? For example Service name… you can disable it if you don’t use… or something like what’s on the screenshot?

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Hi Maniak2000,
I do not know of any programs that do this.
The descriptions and recommendations for Windows services found on sites like Blackviper are quite good.

How about this utility?

It is said that they use black viper lists.

I can’t comment on the product as I have not tried it or even knew it existed.
If it works as intended it could be a very helpful for anyone that wants an automated services tweaking tool.

Thanks for the product link. :-TU

@ captainsticks

If you’ll try this utility out could you post your opinion on it here?

Yes I will, but it will not be tonight or morning rather as it is 2am here (zzzz). :slight_smile:

Hi Maniak2000,
I finally got around to trying this program.

It is totally portable and does as expected.

My advice is when you first run the program select Save List As Custom (Screenshot), this creates a text file named Custom_DONOTMODIFY in the Smart utility folder.
This file contains the current configuration of your system, in case a tweaked configuration breaks something.
In the drop down configuration menu there is a ‘user defined’ selection, that is when this file is used.

I advise to keep a safe copy of this file in another location before trying out any other pre-defined tweaks.
The reason I say this is, if you happen to be trying one of the tweaked configurations and accidentally hit the Save List As Custom button your original custom file is instantly overwritten with the new tweaked configuration.
If this happened you can always copy the original back.

I found no issues with it myself and for anyone wanting automatic tweaking of their services I see no problem if used with caution.

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