Windows Service pack 3 installation with CFP3 [Resolved]

I have an Acer laptop with CFP installed and running fine. Windows update is now offering me service pack 3. Is there a recommended way to install SP3? Should I disable the firewall completely or is it OK to tell the firewall to run in installation mode?

Searching the forums found a couple of threads about installing CFP on SP3 but i didn’t find anything about installing SP3 after the firewall.



Hey there (:WAV),

First of all I recommend you back-up your computer as things can go wrong :). Then install it normally, it should be fine via Windows Updater


Hello Jim, Everything should be fine. Go ahead and update! I had no problems while installing SP3 after CFP3 was installed.

Xan, when you say install normally, do you mean to put CFP3 in installation mode? Some articles I found while Googling suggest that the firewall and/or Defence+ should be disabled before starting the SP3 installation.


It should be fine in whatever way Defense+ is, but it’s adviceble to disable defense+ as you will probably several alerts from it :slight_smile:


A service pack is like an extension of the Operating System, or a big program update. Installation Mode will keep your PC more secure because Defense+ is still active. If you want to be extra careful and follow google result advices of disabling Defense+, then you might as well disconnect from the internet during the SP installation.

I installed WinXP SP3, and I have not had any problem, so I figure it is safe enough to install (I remember SP2 “broke” some things… but it seems SP3 doesn’t have that problem).

I put Defense+ in training mode to be able to install, without getting too much alerts, but I didn’t had to change the firewall settings (I have it in Safe mode).

It worked for me, I hope it will work for you too.

Reading some other forums it appears a few had trouble installing SP3. One solution, which worked for me, was to download the standalone version. Of course, after downloading and before installing, I disconnected from the internet and closed all running programs including CFP and AV software.

I did the same aswell no problems on two comps. the only problem is it is large file for one computer compared to what you get from Windows Update if you are restricted on the amounts you can download.

I finally bit the bullet and did the installation. I have a recent backup on CD so I copied a few critical files to a USB stick just in case.

Before starting the update, I disabled the “Turn on protection for Norton products” option on NAV 2008, as recommended by numerous people. I did not modify my CPW settings.

I used the SP3 updater that was automatically downloaded by Windows Update. CPW was quiet until the updater started to run the processes after installation. At this point, I switched to installation mode. I switched back to my normal mode after the system rebooted. The first reboot after the SP3 installation took a long time while the installation process finished. Subsequent shutdowns and reboots appear to be OK.

So far everything seems to be happy. As usual, your mileage may vary.


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